Pilotfly PFH2T1H 2-Hand-Holder for the Pilotfly H2 (Black)

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  • Pilotfly products are highly flexible and versatile, The new 2-hand-holder can be mounted on the Pilotfly-H2 or Pilotfly-T1
  • The 2-hand-holder is equipped with a 4-way joystick for easy control of Pitch and Yaw axis. The pre-configured profiles can be easily selected with the “Mode” button
  • The top handle can be easily removed and with the integrated 1/4″ screw hole it provides you with the option of mounting an additional monitor or microphone
  • Lightweight design / Simple disassembly / Endless shooting scenarios with Underslung Mode, Upright Mode or Briefcase Mode
  • Integrated battery compartment for 4 x 18650 Li-Ion batteries (included)
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Pilotfly PFH2T1H 2-Hand-Holder for the Pilotfly H2 (Black)



Pilotfly Logo

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Dimensions 13.70 × 5.50 × 8.20 in