Back-Bone Ribcage Hero 3/3+ Mod Kit (Black)

Product Specs

  • Use M12, CS-Mount, or C-Mount Lenses
  • Aluminum PCB and Cover Plates
  • Removable Lens Mounting Rings
  • Adjustable Flange Distance
  • Removable IR-Cut Filters
  • Tripod Mount Adapter
  • Compatible with GoPro HERO3/3+

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GoPro modification kit for Hero3/3+. Install Back-Bone’s custom, all aluminum Ribcage mod kit on any GoPro Hero3 Black or Hero3+ Black or Silver (not included). Your camera will then be able to take micro M12, CS-Mount or C-Mount lenses. Attach almost any other type of lens with optional C-Mount adapters! Note: This kit is not compatible with Hero4.**Please note that this product is not necessarily for everybody. It requires you to take apart and re-assemble your camera which will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Back-bone has no control over the end user’s skill level and cannot be held responsible for accidental damage.

  • Transforms the GoPro Hero3/3+ into an interchangeable lens camera that will take all popular lens types
  • Out of the box compatibility with micro M12, CS-Mount and C-Mount lenses.Compatible with other manual lenses with optional C-Mount adapters
  • Night Vision: Remove the IR cut filter and see in the dark with any IR light source
  • Adjustable flange distance feature will help you get the perfect results
  • Easy access to the image sensor for cleaning if needed
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Back-Bone Ribcage Hero 3/3+ Mod Kit (Black)



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