Aputure LS1CV Bicolor Lightstorm for Sony V-Mount (Black)

Product Specs

  • The light’s design incorporates 1536 individual LEDs to produce a beam angle of 45° along with a CRI of 95.
  • Variable color temperature control for tungsten to daylight, 3200-5500K tuning.
    Included controller box features a Sony V battery plate for convenient, portable power. An AC/DC cable is also included for AC power.
    The controller box, which features two 90° antennas, also permits wireless dimming and color tuning control using the included 2.4 GHz remote. Four groups and three channels are also available.
  • DMX512 protocol is also supported for wireless control.
  • Aluminum alloy construction is both durable and sleek for use in a variety of conditions.
  • Manual yoke allows for variable positioning. Additionally, a four-way barndoor set is incorporated into the design for further control over the beam.
  • Ten sheets of acid-free, smooth surface diffusion paper is included to broaden the light quality, reduce the output to 85%, and provide an effective 180° beam angle.
  • A LEMO-style connector is used between the controller box and light fixture for convenient, one-handed installation and removal of the included connection cable.

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The Light Storm LS1C (Bicolor) is made of 1536 lamp beads that have been designed and manufactured carefully to have over 95+ CRI value. Its delicate design and elaborate production make a robust but exquisite housing that can fulfill low forward heat of the fixture. LS1C offers dual power solutions: You can use a V-Mount or Anton Bauer battery for on-location shooting, and an attached adapter is for indoor shooting. The LS1C has the ability to adjust the brightness and the color temperature. Two antennas can cover all the surroundings within 360 degrees. You can also control the brightness of the LS1C by a DMX console, which is under the standard DMX512 protocol. Notable features include; Adjustable Color temperature / CRI 95+, which is a guarantee of the LEDs / Tough and professional Aero-Aluminum / Super quiet heat dissipation / Exceptional light efficiency / Unique light-control separation design / Dual power solutions / Tri-way control makes changing lighting setups easier / User-friendly accessories (U-frame, barn door, hook, diffusing paper, clamp)

  • The Light Storm LS1C (Bicolor) is made up of 1536 lamp beads that have a CRI 95+ value
  • The Light Storm LS1C offers Dual Power Options: You can use a V-Mount or Anton Bauer Battery
  • You can Adjust the Brightness of the LS1S Wirelessly using a Remote, Up to a 100m Distance
  • Made from Tough and Professional Aero-Aluminum to Achieve the Best Balance of Performance, Heat Dissipation, Density, Durability etc.
  • User-friendly accessories; U-frame, barn door, hook, diffusing paper, clamp
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Aputure LS1CV Bicolor Lightstorm for Sony V-Mount (Black)



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