Aputure HR672S Amaran Light (Black)

Product Specs

  • 9.37 x 7.48 x 1.26″ Panel
  • Spot 25°; Beam Angle
  • 5500K Color Temperature
  • Full 0-100% Dimming
  • 18,800 Lux Brightness at 1.6′
  • 45W Maximum Power Draw
  • 2x Sony-type Batteries
  • Slots for Connecting Multiple Panels
  • Tilt Adjustable Light Stand Adapter
  • Diffusion Filter, CTO Conversion Filter

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The Aputure Amaran HR672S Large daylight temperature light (25 degree spot bulbs) with remote. With its 95+ Color Rendering Index, it perfectly reproduces the object’s color making it look real and better. There are 672 PCS embedded LEDs, featuring high brightness and a long working life. It supports wireless control at a max distance of 100M, and you can change the illumination at your pleasure. Quiet heat dissipation via ventilation holes makes this light energy-saving and completely silent. It also features a user-friendly digital display of brightness. Its slim, compact, durable, lightweight and portable all in a frameless design.

  • High CRI 95+ Accurate, Pure Light, with Excellent Color Reproduction
  • Energy-Saving Quiet Heat Dissipation; uses ventilation holes and unique technology to cool itself
  • 2.4G FSK wireless control within 100M
  • Dual power system; AC adapter or Lithium batteries
  • Ultra Thin and Durable Design; 32mm in thickness and about the same size as an iPad
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Aputure HR672S Amaran Light (Black)



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Additional information

Weight 5.73 lbs
Dimensions 10.80 × 9.00 × 4.30 in